How to use Twitter to grow your business

Today we’re talking about how to use Twitter to grow your business.
Let’s jump in. I hear a lot from different businesses that Twitter is dead, it’s irrelevant.
Why should we be on Twitter? Do you know the pros of using Twitter?
So I hear that all the time too and it’s absolutely not the case. It’s on the rise, popularity is growing and Twitter is really unique in that the real-time that it embraces is what makes it so special.
Should all businesses use Twitter or should some?
Are there certain use cases where you probably should avoid it?

I’m a big fan. I’m a huge advocate of using all three platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because they work better together.
But the thing about Twitter is, and some view this as a con is the algorithm. You’re not going to just see things in chronological order.
Keep your content coming up, and found. You should make sure that you have quality content, not quantity. You don’t need to be Tweeting on steroids which are also called mass-producing of content.
You should ensure that you’re giving something of value to your audience.

What is the first step once I sign up?
What should I really look at?

twitter for business

The first step, you need to do is, start following like-minded users. This will make your content appear on the screen of their followers whenever they are logged in.
Then also go and engage with other users on Twitter. Click and retweet something that makes sense to your business. It would also be of value to your followers.

What about my profile? I know there are some things that I should probably do just to make sure it’s consistent.
What does that look like?
With your profile, make sure that you have a logo, followed by the name of your business.
Make sure that’s consistent across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After all, you’re branding yourself.
From there write little bio description right beneath the photo and your handle.

So, one of my just absolute favorite topics ever is hashtags.
Tell us about the kind of best practices using hashtags.
What should we avoid?
Give us a low down. You don’t need to go crazy during this. But I also love hashtags.
It’s a great way to get more exposure. They’re free to use and it can help you to be found by someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

Also including an actual caption of what you are writing, it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling the country.
Let’s say I did this seminar, on social media and I have a cool picture. With a microphone and an amazing feeling, I will let my audience know about it.
You can get real localized with it.

There is still more to using a hashtag to promote your online business on Twitter. In a few weeks, I may make out time to write more on this.
You can look at this now. It might be helpful too.

So next we have paid advertising. I know I’ve seen some paid promotions on Twitter every now and then. Is there any relevance to that? Should we test it out? What are your thoughts?
I always say start small and be sure you pay attention to the metrics.
Otherwise, you will blindly spend money.

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